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Life Vision Mastery

Unlock the full spectrum of possibilities with our Life Vision Mastery program, a transformative journey designed to help you zoom out, explore every facet of your life, and set intentional pathways for growth. This program is crafted for individuals ready to delve into self-discovery, define their desires in all areas of life, and intentionally focus on the areas that demand their attention.

Life Vision Mastery Journey:

Reflect and Zoom Out: Begin with self-reflection to understand where you are and where you want to go. Our guided exercises help you gain clarity on the various dimensions of your life.

Explore Possibilities: Engage in visioning exercises that open your mind to new possibilities. Explore what success looks like in each area of your life, giving you a comprehensive vision to strive for.

Set Intentional Goals: Choose the areas that require your immediate attention. Through guided sessions, set intentions and craft actionable goals that align with your overarching life vision.

Personalized Roadmap: Develop a personalized roadmap for each area of focus. Our program provides tools and strategies to translate your intentions into concrete steps, ensuring progress and growth

Strategic Accelerator

Transform your entrepreneurial aspirations or personal goals into tangible success with our Strategic Accelerator program. Built on a simple strategic framework, this program is tailored for visionaries ready to take their ideas from conception to tactical implementation, fostering organizational excellence along the way.

Strategic Accelerator Journey:

Strategic Immersion: Dive deep into the strategic framework. Understand its core components, including an organizer tool, defined tactical milestones, and an accountability process. 

Vision Clarity: Utilize tools to crystalize your vision. Clearly define your core values, purpose, and 10-year target, providing a roadmap for your entrepreneurial or personal journey.

Tactical Planning: Translate your vision into practical, actionable steps. Craft a one-year plan, identify quarterly goals, and implement an accountability action plan to ensure continuous progress.

Resource Engagement: Ensure everyone on your team or in your resource network is on the same page. Utilize tools to enhance communication, accountability, and collaboration, creating a high-performing system to support your vision.

Continuous Improvement: Implement best practices for continuous improvement. Regularly review and adjust your plan to adapt to the dynamic nature of entrepreneurship and personal growth.

Program: Life Vision Mastery

Coach: Lisa Sears

Frequency: Begins 1st month of each quarter

Maximum group size: 6

Number of Sessions: 6

Investment: $698

1:1 Coaching: Currently Not Available


Program: Strategic Accelerator

Coach: Jody Hatch

Frequency: Begins 1st week of each quarter

Maximum group size: 6

Number of Sessions: 12

Investment: $1180

1:1 Coaching: Available


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