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Women’s Growth Alliance

Retreat Series at the Cabins at Chimney Mountain

Start Your Journey with the Retreat Series that grows with you

Series 1.0

Self-Discovery and
Goal Setting

Series 2.0

Harmony, Gratitude and

Series 3.0

Strategy, Support and

Series 4.0

Mastery and Exponential

We practice creating and achieving life goals. Those goals mean something different for everyone.

When we follow this strategy we grow faster than we could have ever expected; and we’re still growing!

~ Lisa and Davanna


You can’t make a plan until you do this work

The Pursuit of Betterment

We’re continuously told to live in the present, but no one teaches us what that truly means.


Lisa Sears met Davanna Marks when they served on a board together. As like minded individuals they gravitated towards each other. They share leadership values and approach to growth and want to share their betterment stories and strategies with other women.


Early on in their journey, Lisa gifted Davanna the Law of Attraction Planner. They both utilize this planner to gain clarity and achieve their goals. They will be using this planner as a program guide throughout the retreat. You’ll be gifted a Law of Attraction planner as a part of the program!


Each retreat will offer downtime for participants. You can spend time alone, take advantage of a spa service or take us up on our invitation to get emersed in nature. There will be different levels of challenge offered.

Save the DATE PB1.0

Spring of 2024

Thursday May 2nd –

Sunday May 5th

When: May 2nd – 5th 2024
Thursday Night – Sunday Morning (3nights)

Healthy Food Options

Physical Activity for All Fitness Levels

Specialty Free Time Activities Available

Alliance Goals

Take the time to join us in the practice of living in the moment

Create Self Awareness

Define What Success Means to You

Gain Clarity and Confidence

Follow up Support Programs

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Meet your BrassRings Coaches

Lisa Sears


Lisa Sears helps people show up in the world at their best. She is a capacity coach, accountability partner and resiliency teacher.

Utilizing tools gained from her experience in positive psychology, leadership studies and many program certifications she coaches executives, business owners and individuals in the fundamental mindset necessary for positive productive engagement.

Embark on a transformative journey with our Clarity Catalyst Coaching Pod, where Lisa specializes in helping individuals zoom out, gain profound clarity, and take those crucial first steps towards meaningful change. This unique coaching experience is meticulously crafted to foster a mindset that matters, laying the foundation for sustainable personal and professional growth. 

Jody Hatch

Strategy and Tactical Implementation

Jody Hatch is a coach who helps individuals find their footing by putting shape to the ideas that matter most.

Jody collaborates with clients to form a plan using the EOS framework and walks along side them through the tactical implementation; giving themselves permission to move forward without judgment along the way. With years of experience supporting individuals and small business owners, she will help you take your idea and make it a reality.

 We understand that success is not just about setting goals; it's about executing strategic and tactical plans to reach those goals. Our Tactical Strategy Coaching is designed for individuals and teams ready to take deliberate and impactful actions towards their objectives.